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Experimental music creator and performer RPTLE composed his first song at the age of just eleven. However, he presented his solo work only in 2018, when he recorded the work “FINESSE THE MOST” together with the performers KORDAS and MEANDI.


In 2019, his English work Infinity was played on Lithuanian radio for the first time, and the single “Kas Čia Bus?” released a few months later broke a personal record of hearing.

In his work, in addition to the basic hip hop style, he does not shy away from mixing electronic or more exotic sounds such as afrobeats. And the lyrics are dominated by bright symbolism, which is further enhanced by unusual musical solutions, such as sacral sounds. Works are written in both Lithuanian and English.

During his career, the performer "warmed up" one of the most famous hip hop bands in Lithuania during the "8 Kambarys" tour, performer Vidas Bareikis in an arena concert, performed at the "Granatos" festival, "Lithuanian Night Basketball" event and the famous Lithuanian stylist Agnė Jagelavičiūtė's arena fashion show.

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