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about us

HYPE MUSIC is a music company operating in Lithuania, founded by Ričardas Fedasiukas and Aira Klungytė. The main areas - finding new names, recording singles and albums, monetizing content through all means of digital and physical distribution, cooperation with brands and advertising agencies, concerts and performer management are our main areas of activity.

Company's priorities:

  • Create a local catalog and look for new talents, especially those who use the Lithuanian and English language and work in any genre of music;

  • Digital and physical distribution of the HYPE MUSIC catalog in Lithuania and abroad;

  • Artists production and management - helping young talents to organize creative and business processes;

  • Management of music projects in "360 degrees", work with authors and performers, monitoring and analysis of Lithuanian and foreign music markets, music business consultations;

  • Event organization and concert activity management - organization of individual events for various categories of partners.

  • Development and implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns using all the latest advertising tools and creative approach both on the Internet (electronic media, social networks) and traditional dissemination sources (print media, radio, television);

  • Cooperation with major international and local brands and agencies; using music as a unique marketing tool from syncing music to commercials, movies, and TV shows.

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