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8 Kambarys


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Hip hop band ,,8Kambarys” was founded in Lithuania in 2013, consisting of performers Talaz and Corsalis, entered the big stage five years later with the hit “Ieškau". In a record time, the new single has spun a million times online, and in three years the number of plays has risen to 10 million. on different music distribution platforms.

Since then, the band’s career has developed at an exponential rate: 8 Kambarys has released two studio albums Atlantida and Panacėja, which have been among the most listened Lithuanian albums for more than 40 weeks on the international music listening platforms Spotify, iTunes and Deezer, and have performed in the largest Lithuanian cities and the most popular festivals of the country, such as "Granatos", "Galapagai", "Karklė", composed a song for the Lithuanian film "Leonė. Running into the light. “. And in 2020, the M.A.M.A Awards recognized them as the best Hip hop band of 2019 and picked up a statuette for Best Song of the Year for ,,Ežero Dugne”, recorded together with Vidas Bareikis.

8 Kambarys experiments with different styles of music: in the band's songs you can hear pop, electronic elements that complement the Hip hop style and create a modern sound.

Different emotions intertwine in the Lithuanian work of the group - from melancholy due to complex relationships to adrenaline-inducing feelings in self-search. The artists, who create the lyrics and music for their own songs have a unique style: always leave room for interpretation, where each listener can adapt the story of the song according to their own experience. They also invite on unusual trips in their music albums: both have unique narratives that are consistently connected by all the works from start to finish.


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